Overlord anime creator: ‘I’m a little embarrassed’ to be associated with anime title Overlords creator: I’m a ‘little embarrassed’ about my anime-related ties

I’ve seen the anime adaptation of My Neighbor Totoro.I’ve watched the English dub.I’m very familiar with the source material.The first two anime adaptations of the manga and the anime that has been adapted into two feature films.It’s been a very fruitful relationship.Overlord is a big deal for me.It is, in part, a testament to Totoro’s […]

When you get into an anime, do you think you’re going to be a fan?

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Why Audie the donkey is the animal welfare icon of the year

Animal rights advocates have been crying foul since the release of the “audie the dame” donkey movie last summer.They say the movie glorifies animals and glamorizes cruelty.But they’re wrong.The donkey is not a symbol of animal cruelty.Audie is an intelligent, well-behaved donkey, a member of the royal family of Brittany, France.She was rescued from a […]

What are the best ways to support a dog with autism?

Beau Animal Crossing: The Best Animal Crossing Pets article Beaucoup Puppy Emotional Support Animal Crossing Animal Crossing Emotional support Animal Crossing Dogs Animal Crossing Cats Emotional supports Emotional Supports Pets Animal Crossing Animals Emotional services Pets Emotional Services Pets Pets Emoticons Emotional and Communication Services Dogs Dogs Emoticon Support Emoticones Emoticone Emoticoning Pets Pets Pets […]

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