Pokemon: Pokemon Go’s Latest Expansion Adds ‘Pokémon’ Adventure, More Monsters, More Things to do

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that allows players to travel to different parts of the world to encounter different Pokemon, and to do so without having to interact with humans.

Now, the game is adding a second type of gameplay mode called Pokemon Pets.

The game launched on April 1st in the US and Europe, and is now available in Japan.

Pokemon Pets is the first of two expansions for the game, and adds a new Pokemon Pet that will be available for the first time in the game.

According to a new trailer, it will be a Pokémon that’s more familiar to players than the Pokemon they know, and will be able to catch other Pokemon that can’t be caught in the wild.

Players can then use the Pokemon Pet to find a special place to live, shop, and more, and they can then travel to those places and interact with the Pokemon, using the pet’s movements.

Pokemon Pet is the game’s newest and most exciting new feature.

Players will be looking forward to the Pokemon Pets expansion, and a number of other new features in Pokemon Go, which launched in the United States last week.

It also included a few other features that will likely be available in future expansions, including a new character, new moves, and other content.