How ‘wild’ can albino dogs be?

The Irish Examiner has been told that the albinos have been spotted in Dublin, Galway and Cork.

The article states that the first sighting was in Dublin and the first albina to be caught was in Galway.

It says that the latest sighting was from Galway with a sighting in Dublin occurring on Thursday.

It adds that the animal was reportedly spotted on the island of Kildare on the west coast.

It also states that they have been confirmed in Cork and that the Irish Times is aware of a sighting on Kildáin in Galgáis.

Albino puppies and kittens can be born with blue skin and white eyes, and are considered to be a result of malnourishment.

They are thought to be caused by malnutrition, which leads to the formation of the pigment melanin.

However, it is unclear what effect it may have on the albinism, or the alphas in general, who are still a rarity.

Albinos are not considered to have Down syndrome, a rare condition that causes abnormal colour vision and a lack of grey matter.

Source: The Irish MailOnline