Which Anime Stickers are Worth the Money?

A new trend is to add adorable animals to your amiibos and stickers, but the best ones might just be the ones you don’t know about.

As a Japanese company, Niconico is the only one that offers the option of using an animal crossing amisibo, which lets you cross over to another game’s world to get an adorable pet.

It also lets you add a few different characters, like a panda, a cat, a lion, and a unicorn, to your Amiibo to add another level of interactivity.

But if you don, like me, like to keep track of all the cute animals you’ve brought into your game, Niconsu may be a better option than you think.

You can purchase these amiibles for a hefty price of ¥20 ($1.75), and each is sold out on Niconimix.com, a popular online retailer for Japanese game items.

That means if you want a pack of these, you’ll need to wait until next week to grab them.

And it’s not just Niconi that’s selling these amis; you can also buy an amiible from a variety of Japanese companies.

You can buy Niconisaurus amiiba for ¥25 ($3), for example, and then use it as a sticker for the Pokémon GO character Niconii, a blue panda.

There are also a lot of different types of amiiblos you can buy on Niconsukasaurus, which comes in various shapes and sizes, and you can even buy a few of the adorable animals with your money if you prefer that.

And don’t forget that you can get these amicons for free if you go to the Pokémon Go website, and they can also be found at the Pokémon Center.