How to Draw a Desert Animals Character

The best thing about writing anime is that the writing is always a delight.

You get a unique take on a character and it’s never boring.

With a cute and adorable pet and some kind of animal, you can make any character a charming one, no matter how much work it may take to get it right.

In this series of posts, I’m going to share the best, most creative ways you can create your very own desert animal in your own imagination.


Desert Animal Girl (Ao no Kajitsu) A character who looks like a girl and is usually the heroine of an anime series.

She usually lives in a desert and looks very feminine.

She has a white and pink hat, white pants and white shoes.

She can speak in a high-pitched voice, but she doesn’t like to talk much, and doesn’t really talk much.

Her character designs are usually pretty cute.

I think they are pretty cute, too.


Desert Beast Girl (Fairy Tail) A very cute desert animal girl.

She looks like she is in her early teens, with a white dress with pink flowers.

She is a bit of a tomboy and likes to play with her toys.

She wears a pink shirt and pants.


Desert Mermaid Girl (Kimi no Na wa) A cute desert Mermaid girl who loves to swim and has a red and pink outfit with a purple bow.

She’s very popular in the desert and is very cute.


Desert Unicorn Girl (Love Live!)

A very sexy desert unicorn with a pink dress with rainbow stars on it.

She loves to have fun and likes being the center of attention.

She also has a pink and blue bow on her head.


Desert Bear Girl (Pony Canyon) A desert bear girl who likes to dance, has a small pink hat and pink shoes.


Desert Bird Girl (Nisekoi) A bird girl with an orange skirt, a pink bow and a red bow.


Desert Whale Girl (Maniac Mansion) A dolphin girl with a blue bow and pink coat.


Desert Rabbit Girl (Hatsune Miku) A rabbit girl with pink shoes, pink hat with a rainbow and red bow and white bow.


Desert Lion Girl (Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy) A lion girl with golden hair and pink pants and pink dress.


Desert Elephant Girl (Tsubasa no Kanojo) A elephant girl with red shoes and pink bow.


Desert Dog Girl (Akame ga Kill!)

A dog girl with purple hair and a bow and bow.


Desert Horse Girl (Shingeki no Bahamut) A horse girl with gold hair and gold shoes.


Desert Sheep Girl (Boku no Hero Academia) A sheep girl with green hair and red boots and red skirt.


Desert Monkey Girl (Jirou no Naku Koro ni) A monkey girl with blue hair and blue boots and a yellow bow and yellow bow.


Desert Cow Girl (Anime no Seishun Love Comedy!!)

A cow girl with yellow hair and green boots and yellow skirt.


Desert Owl Girl (Shirobako) A owl girl with white shoes and a white hat and a blue hat.


Desert Dragon Girl (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic) A dragon girl with black hair and golden shoes.


Desert Wolf Girl (Rurouni Kenshin) A wolf girl with brown hair and brown boots.


Desert Dolphin Girl (Sword Art Online) A dolphins girl with silver hair and silver shoes and gold boots.


Desert Crab Girl (Naruto) A crab girl with pale white shoes, a black bow and red and white bows.


Desert Tiger Girl (Gantz) A tiger girl with tiger stripes on her legs, a bow, a white bow and black boots.


Desert Snake Girl (Ninja-Kyuubi) A snake girl with dark blue hair, a blue dress, a gold bow and gold shoe.


Desert Frog Girl (Ghost in the Shell) A frog girl with her eyes covered with white, black and green, with golden shoes and purple boots.


Desert Turtle Girl (Zatch Bell!)

A turtle girl with striped black hair, striped white hair, purple shoes and blue shoes.


Desert Hare (The Legend of the Galactic Heroes) A hare girl with light green hair, green dress, white bow, black boots and pink skirt.


Desert Rat Girl (Luffy and the B.E.A.R.)

A rat girl with the same color hair and boots, red bow, red boots, black shoes and red hat.


Desert Spider Girl (Yu Yu Hakusho) A spider girl with gray hair and gray boots.


Desert Bat Girl (The Flash) A bat girl with tan hair