How the U.S. will help animals in the world’s toughest countries

In many countries, animals are routinely treated as property, and many are subject to cruel and inhumane conditions.

Now, the United States is taking steps to help animals escape the same fate.

A number of countries are looking to the United Nations for ways to ensure animals can have more autonomy and live in more sustainable ways.

The U.N. General Assembly voted last month to adopt a resolution calling for a global ban on all animal agriculture and the use of animals for research.

This month, the U-N voted to recommend that nations consider adopting animal rights laws.

The resolution also urges countries to support international campaigns to end animal cruelty, and to ensure that animal welfare and social justice is protected.

The World Animal Protection Commission is the U.-N’s top animal protection body.

The commission has been pushing for the United Nation to adopt similar animal rights legislation, and it was not immediately clear how many countries would sign on.

The United States could help make a difference by helping the Animal Protection Council of America, an animal rights advocacy group in New York, help with the effort, according to the group’s president, Mark Ochs.

Ochse said the council is working on an “animal rights agenda” that includes developing and supporting the “animal advocacy framework.”

He said the group is working with U.K. lawmakers on legislation that would create an international “animal welfare law.”

The Animal Welfare Council of North America is working to create an animal advocacy framework to address the issue of animal welfare in the United Kingdom.

OCHS said it would support the creation of a U.n.

Animal Welfare Law that would include a ban on the sale, transport, or breeding of animals as food, housing, or entertainment, and require the “immediate cessation” of any trade in animals.

The group has been working on animal rights bills in the U, and is working closely with the animal protection group, Ochss said.

“I think we are in a unique position to be able to make an impact on this issue, and we are hopeful that we can help,” he said.

The Animal Rights Coalition of the United State, a nonprofit advocacy group based in Los Angeles, has been advocating for the animal rights agenda since 2013.

It is working in collaboration with the U of L Animal Welfare Institute, the group Ochser said is coordinating the U’s animal welfare work.

The coalition has a “foster and protect” model that requires all animals to have a safe place to live.

O’Connell said she wants the coalition to work with the coalition and the United Methodist Church on the animal advocacy agenda, including creating an Animal Welfare Fund to fund projects to address animal welfare issues in the church and elsewhere.

“We want to do everything possible to help people be compassionate and to be supportive,” she said.