How a ketchup factory worker saved a kitten from a slaughterhouse

The worker’s name is Tommie, but he is a familiar face in the factory.

He is the guy who works with ketchup at a food company called Silly’s in Los Angeles, and he is also the one who discovered a kitten on a farm in Louisiana that he says had been taken from its mother.

Silly was founded in 1996 by a man named David Silly, who had spent several years on the front lines of the Vietnam War, working as a Marine in the U.S. Army.

The Silly family ran a factory in Louisiana, and they took care of their local pet store.

But it was Tommies time to put his family’s story on the map.

He started a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising money to get the kitten to a vet.

After several hours, it was just too late.

“I can’t believe I’ve just found the kitty,” Tommi said.

“My heart just sunk, and I thought, God, I hope this cat is OK.”

The kitten was a male named Marley.

The baby was named Mariah.

“You’ve got to take the baby and go home and see them, but that was a very scary moment for me,” Tompi said, crying.

He was worried about the kitten’s welfare and the potential for other animals to get sick or die.

The day the kitten was born, he started the GoFundMew, a fundraising website to help with expenses associated with caring for the kitten.

The GoFund was a success.

It raised more than $11,000.

“We were very overwhelmed by the response, and we’ve been able to make some very positive changes,” Tompey said.

Now, he said he and his family are going to give Mariah the care he needs.

He said they’ll be able to take Mariah home to a good home soon.

“If I had the time and money to take her home, I’d take her out of here.

I’m happy that we can do that, and that’s all that matters,” TOMPIE said.

MARIA’S CARE The GofundMe page is now going viral.

It’s raising more than a half million dollars to help Mariah and her two siblings, who are in their first year at the shelter.

The cats have a unique way of looking after themselves, Tommmie said.

Mariah’s eyes are bright yellow, and the older kitten has yellow patches all over his eyes.

“The yellow is because of the way that they grow in the sun, and also the way they eat and sleep,” Toma said.

When she was a kitten, the kitten lived with the family, but now that Mariah is older, she’s in a foster home.

TOMPIEM said they are going back to the vet to have Mariah vaccinated.

He says they are hopeful that she will survive.

“She’s a very good kitten,” Tomi said.

She also said she’s been heartbroken by how many times she’s seen people crying over Mariah or her siblings.

“They’re crying about how they didn’t know that this was going on and how they couldn’t do anything about it,” Tomey said, “but it’s not their fault.”

They are hoping to find another foster home for Mariah soon.

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