‘Disney Princess’ Anime-Inspired Art Revealed in ‘Pump’ Movie

This week Disney released a brand-new animated feature about a princess who falls in love with an old man’s stuffed animal and becomes an anime character.

In the film, the characters name is “Pump,” and they look like the kind of characters that would pop up in a “Punch-Out!” cartoon.

Disney’s animated short film “Pumped Up Kitten” was made during the first three weeks of its theatrical release on Friday.

In it, the “Pumping Kitten”-like character goes on a quest to find her new pet, which is a stuffed animal that was given to her by a former boyfriend.

The cute, fluffy character, called “Kitten” in the movie, is voiced by Yumi Hara.

The movie will be released in Japan on April 30.

(H/T BuzzFeed)