Cats are a lot more than cute pets

A video of cats running around the San Francisco zoo has gone viral.

It was filmed by the San Fransisco Zoo’s staff and posted to the zoo’s Facebook page in April.

Now, the video has gone into the top 10 trending topics in the U.S.

A lot of people are surprised to hear the story of these cute cats, the San Franciscan Zoo said.

We have a lot of cute cats and they have a big personality and are a big part of our culture, and the video really caught the imagination of people.

The cat that appeared in the video is named Bella, the zoo said.

Bella was a stray that came from the San Fernando Valley and was adopted by the zoo, according to the San Bernardino County Animal Shelter.

In April, the animal shelter and the San Diego Zoo were hit with a lawsuit alleging that they illegally euthanized animals, and that the animals were not properly handled.

In September, the case was settled out of court.