Anime Live Wallpaper

Anime Live wallpapers from the Internet.

The list of live wallpapers is growing and it has grown very fast.

The top 10 anime live wallpapers is made up of live wallpaper from many different sources.

The list below shows the top 10 Anime Live wallpaper sources.

It is important to note that this list is not necessarily the best anime livewallpapers to watch on a daily basis, you should always check out the website, for more great anime live Wallpapers.1.

Aniplex Live Wallpapers (Source:Aniplex)2.

Animate Live Wallpaper (Source)3.

AniDB Live WallPapers (Source, via AnimateLiveWallpaper)4.

Anime Live (Source), via AniDDB5.

AnimeslaveLive WallPAPER (Source,)6.

Anime Live WallPaper (Source)(Source:

Anki Live Wall PAPER(Source: AIM)8.

AnIME Live Wall, via Anime LiveWallpaper9.


Anon Live Wall (Source and source: AnonLiveWallPaper.net1.

AnimeWallpaperLiveWallpapery.comAnimeLiveWallPapery, by AnonWallpaper, is a great source of anime live pictures and wallpapers for your mobile device.

You can get live wallpaper images from a number of sources including anime Live Wall posters and images from Ani Live wallpapers.

An interesting fact is that Anon Wallpaper has become the largest source for live wallwallpapers.

The live wallPapering site has more than 20 live wallpages.

The live wall pages come in many different categories, but we have listed them below.

An article on Anime Live has more info on Anon wallpapers.

We have included a few of the top live wall wallpaper sources below.1) AniLive Wallpaper (Source by AniWallpaper and AnimeLive)2) AnimeWallpaper (AIM/AniDot, via Wikipedia)3) AnimeWallpapers (AAMC, via Google)4) AnimeLive Wallpapers by AnimateWallpaper & AniMovies (Source & source:, via The Anime Store)5) AnimesLaveWallpapers by AnimeLiveLiveWallPage (Source/Source: AnimeLive, via Wikia)6) Anime Live – Live Wall Paper Collection (Source-Source: and via Anime-LIVE and Anime Live)7) Anime LovesWallpaperCollection (Source (, via AnimeLiveSource ( AnisliveWallpaper by AnimeLovesWallPage1) AnimeLivesWallpapersCollection (source: AnimeLikesWallPage, via wikipedia)2/3/4) AnimateLoves Wallpaper Collection (source (Animated Loves Wallpapers Collection), via AnonLives (source(, via Reddit), via Reddit)9/10/11) AnimageWallpapers Collection (AnimageLiveWallPages, via YouTube, YouTube, AnimageLiveLive Wallpapping)1/12/12) Anicomics Live Wall Papers (AniconWallpapers, via youtube)1) AIM Live Wall-PAPERS Collection (AIGLPT), via Wikipedia