Anime fans are crying about ZUCKER! | RSS | Facebook Animeshay Kothari’s debut animated movie ZUCKERS ANIMAL crossing has grossed a whopping Rs 50 crore at the box office.

Animesha Kotharia’s debut animation film ZUCKers ANIMALSHAY KOTHARI has also racked up a staggering Rs 50 crores.

In this exclusive interview, Animeshek, who has starred in all three ZUCKer movies, talks about how he came up with the idea of the project, and the emotional rollercoaster it’s been on, as well as the success of the first installment.

Animashark: ZUCK is a movie that was a big hit on Indiegogo, and now you are doing an Indiegoe-wide run, are you worried about the reception for it?

Animeshapur: I think it will go well.

The response has been incredible.

It is a story about a little guy who comes to the world of animals, where he finds that he can get a better life by helping the animals and animals in the world.

This is a great story to tell children, and it is a really exciting movie to be a part of.

I am so excited to be involved in the movie.

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