Why Audie the donkey is the animal welfare icon of the year

Animal rights advocates have been crying foul since the release of the “audie the dame” donkey movie last summer.

They say the movie glorifies animals and glamorizes cruelty.

But they’re wrong.

The donkey is not a symbol of animal cruelty.

Audie is an intelligent, well-behaved donkey, a member of the royal family of Brittany, France.

She was rescued from a circus and is one of the few animals in the world to walk on two legs.

She is an ambassador for animal welfare, and she has raised millions of dollars to support animal charities.

In this June 16, 2016, file photo, a dog named Shazza poses for a photo with Audie as she visits a dog rescue in a park in Brussels, Belgium.

A new documentary, Audie, the donkey, has been released by French filmmaker Nicolas Berthelot, which critics say is an attempt to glorify the animal and glamourize cruelty.(AP Photo/Philippe Wojazer)But it’s not just the donkey in Audie’s story that’s been in the news.

The film has been criticized for using outdated footage of Audie to illustrate its argument.

Audie is the first donkey to walk without a hindleg, Berthelott says in the film.

In addition, she’s the first to be rescued from the circus and not killed by handlers.

The movie has generated a lot of attention.

Audies story has been featured in more than 100 newspapers around the world, including Time magazine, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

In an interview with CBS News, Bertampot said he was inspired to make the documentary because he found it “really hard to believe” that the donkey had been abused before.

He’s also frustrated that some people, including animal rights activists, are attacking him for not using outdated information to illustrate the argument.

“I think it’s quite important that we understand how animals are treated,” Bertampott said.

“I think we need to have the courage to acknowledge the reality of animal exploitation.”

Audie the Donkey is scheduled to be released in France on Aug. 30.