What’s the story behind this episode?

After an all-new series premieres, there’s usually an opening episode for the first half of the season.

This is one of those episodes.

This time, however, it’s not the usual opening for a new anime series.

Instead, it has something a bit different going on.

Instead of a typical anime opening, we have the story of the anime characters themselves.

We have two main characters, two leads, and three supporting characters.

It’s a story that’s a bit unique from the norm.

Here are some facts about this new anime: The title:  The anime’s title is “Candy☆Tropical”.

It means “Cute Tropical”.

I have a soft spot for the word “tropical” in the Japanese language, so I was excited when I heard that.

It is not a common term in English, but I can’t resist using it here, especially when it means cute and tropical.

What kind of animation?

The anime starts with a beautiful, sunny day.

It feels like spring.

What’s the cast?

The cast consists of four anime characters: Sakura, Aoi, Aika, and Aya.

All of them are female, and they have different personalities.

Sakura is the main character.

Aoi is the supporting character, and she has a lot of personality.

The two main girls, Aikatsu and Aika , are also girls.

They are also cute.

Why are they cute?

Aikatsu is a little bit of a mystery, but she is a strong character, a member of the girls’ volleyball team.

She is also one of the members of the volleyball team, and is always a part of the fun.

Aika is the leader of the group, and her personality is just as important as Sakura’s.

Aika is very calm, but her personality changes constantly.

She’s also the leader’s pet.

Are there any other characters besides the main girls?

There are two female leads.

The main female lead is Aoi’s older sister, Kotori.

She has a cute personality and a great personality.

Kotori is very popular in the club, but sometimes gets angry when people disrespect her.

What happens when the main characters get together?

Each member of a girl’s volleyball team goes to the school’s main arena for a tournament.

This tournament is known as “Cherry Blossom Festival”.

The girls compete to win the prize money, and the prizes they receive are based on how well they do in the tournament.

They win the most money, then they’re given a ticket to attend the cherry blossoms festival.

What happens in the second half of a season?

During the second part of a new series, a new opening episode is released, but not the normal opening episode.

Instead it is a special episode with an opening story about the characters.

Here is the story that the anime is based on: The story starts off with Aika going to a school event to celebrate her graduation.

After she goes, she meets a cute girl named Kotori, who happens to be the most popular volleyball player.

She introduces herself as Kotori’s younger sister.

Koturi becomes Aika’s partner, and has a strong personality.

A few days later, Koturi’s sister gets a call from her mother telling her that Kotori has gotten a letter from her sister.

She tells Kotori to stay at home until Kotori gets back.

When Kotori returns, she finds her sister’s letter missing.

Kotora is worried about her, but Kotori assures her that everything is alright.

Kotor comes home, but finds Kotori gone.

After Kotori finds her letter, she immediately asks Aika to find Kotori and bring her home.

Aisa arrives at her school and finds Kotor gone.

Kotoro then calls Aika and tells her to find her sister, but Aika does not want to go.

She tries to convince Kotori not to leave, but the latter is not listening.

Kotore then tells Aika that she will go to Kotori tomorrow.

At Kotori school, Kotora’s sister and Kotori get along well.

However, Kotor suddenly gets mad when Kotora asks if she wants to go to the cherry blossom festival.

Kotole tells Kotore to stay home and Kotora then asks Kotori if she is going.

Kotoring then comes home and discovers Kotore gone.

She then starts getting worried about Kotore, but then she hears that Kotore’s mother is going to the festival.

She decides to go, but a strange person knocks on her door.

Kotoru then decides to call her, and tells Kotora to come home.

The next day, Kotoru finds Kotore at her house, and Kotore tells Kotoru to come to Kotore.

After Kotore gets Kotore home,