What does a cartoon hair puppet look like?

The Jerusalem post is reporting that the cartoon hairstyles that are popular in the anime community are not real, and are actually created by the Japanese animation studio Toei Animation to parody the anime hairstyles popular in Asia. 

The post says that the animated hair puppet looks like a person wearing a ponytail.

The post says it is made of bamboo, and is used for comedic effect.

The post is also reporting that there is an ongoing dispute over whether or not the hair puppet is real, which leads to some bizarre comments being posted online.

One comment states, “I want to know the Japanese hairstyle from which the puppet is made, the one that was invented by the Toei staff to mock anime characters.”

Another comment says, “The Japanese hairstyles are real.

But, the puppet that you made is fake.”

The last comment adds, “You’ve ruined the anime.

It looks so much like real anime characters that you’ve ruined its credibility.”

There is no official response yet to the post.