What a new world looks like from the inside of a penguin

I love my penguins.

They’re my best friends and my family.

They live on the island of Antarctica and are a part of our conservation efforts.

I’m not one to put them down.

I have a penguins photo collection, which includes photos of penguins, polar bears, and more.

But I also have the largest collection of images of penguin poop, and that is where my passion lies.

I spend an awful lot of time cleaning penguin pouches and bags.

These bags contain poop that’s usually in the form of floating bubbles, or even floating poop, in which case it’s all good.

I get so many questions about what I do with my poop, so I decided to make a video explaining the process.

I hope it helps inspire you to clean your own poop.

So, what does poop look like?

This is a poop photo by Michael Smith, from his photo collection.

This is poop by Michael Haines, from a picture he took in his home on Mount McKinley.

This photo by Jeff Dreyer, from the same collection.

I don’t normally post photos of poop, but I decided it was important to share my collection with the world.

And so, I thought it was time to give it away.

If you’re in the United States, you can get it here.

If your country doesn’t have a website dedicated to poop, you should go check it out, because there’s a lot of stuff there.

If you’re interested in what other people have to say about poop, I highly recommend the book “Dirty Animals,” by Tom Boonen.

It’s a great look at the poop story of the animals that populate our planet.

Thanks for watching, everyone!