This is the real deal

By DAVID BONNERPosted June 07, 2018 12:03:51A bunch of cute, cute animals are crossing the Pacific in a new exhibition by the Japanese artist and designer Roald Animal Crossing: Anime Nude.

The exhibit will run through the end of the month at the Japan Science Museum in Tokyo, and the Japanese word for “animal crossing” means “animal naked.”

Artists are working on this art project with an emphasis on the erotic, but the Japanese term literally means “sexual.”

“I think of this work as a sort of erotic work, but also a work of art,” said Takashi Ishiguro, who is creating the art.

He says he began thinking about erotic art in his twenties, but his initial work was more playful and playful than erotic.

In Japanese, “animal” means everything from the human to the cat.

He chose “naked” as the name for the exhibition because that’s the most common term in Japanese.

The exhibit will be open to the public until July 6, 2018.

The exhibition is not just about erotic, however.

There are also nude animals, as well as nude anime and naked manga.

The Japanese word “animatronic” is used for “animals in motion,” but it has more to do with how animation is done, like when animatronics are used for animation.

“It’s like if you take an old house and put a giant robot in it, it doesn’t sound right, so you make a giant house and take the old house,” Ishiguryo said.

“When I’m creating art, I try to think about how to make something new and different, so that it’s not just a work in progress, but that’s how I create it.”

The exhibition also includes Japanese-themed art.

The first art piece is a full-body pose, made of two giant sculptures, one of a girl and the other of a boy.

This poses is made with paper, and is one of Ishigoryo’s favorite forms of art.

“I just love the way it looks, but it’s just a lot of work,” he said.

“So, when I create this art, it’s kind of a work-in-progress.”

The other work, which is about “human anatomy,” is called “humanity and sexuality,” and is also made with papers.

It is Ishigories first art work.

“What I like about this piece is that I’m trying to show that we’re human beings.

It’s about human nature and human sexuality,” he explained.

The works in the exhibition are all created using only natural materials, but Ishigos goal is to use human technology, as in, to create these works.

“I want to create things that are more human, so I can see my work in a way that is meaningful,” he told The Associated Press.

While there are no specific plans to use technology in the art, Ishigro said he wants to be “the first artist to create something human in the arts.”

This work is one part of a series of Japanese-centric artworks being created by Ishigurus artists.

Ishiguri is also a self-described “anime artist.”

Artwork in the series is being created as a kind of Japanese art.

The show will open to visitors starting July 6.