One Piece: ‘One Piece: A Tale of Two Cities’ opens in Japan this month

In a rare moment of lightness, the new Japanese anime One Piece has opened in Japan for the first time.

The anime will run on Saturday, January 15th, starting at 7pm local time (7:30pm EDT) on Tokyo’s Saitama Super Arena.

One Piece will be shown in its entirety in Japanese, but viewers can watch parts of the anime in English, with subtitles in English.

This marks the first broadcast of One Piece in Japanese since the manga’s first manga volume, Volume 13, was released in 2014.

The manga has been adapted into several anime series, including Abridged Series One, Two, and Three.

The Japanese release of the manga follows on from the previous volume, which also includes two more specials, including the first of a new “Gift” version of the series that includes the storyboards of the upcoming anime.

One Piece was first adapted into a film by Sunrise, but the film’s release in the US was not an immediate success, so the manga was adapted into the One Piece Film: Gold series.

The film, directed by Shigeru Takahashi, received a solid reception, with the movie becoming a cult classic in the United States.

One piece is based on the pirate-themed One Piece manga, but has evolved over time into an entire anime series.

One piece: Golden Age was adapted from the manga in 2001.

The series has been dubbed into several languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The original Japanese series, One Piece, was originally broadcast in the 1980s on TBS and Crunchyroll.