How to make love to a horse with a kiss on its forehead

A couple who were looking for a horse for their wedding day turned to the Internet for help.

“We were looking to get married this weekend, but we really wanted a horse to be a part of our special day,” said the bride, who did not want to be named out of fear for her safety.

“I really wanted to have a horse ride for the ceremony.

And then I saw an article about horse kissings,” the groom added.

The couple used a horse-loving friend who has ridden a lot of horses and was looking for someone to help with the process.

“They got me on the phone and we talked for a couple hours, and then they sent me a picture of a horse,” said Kasey.

“It was like a big hug.”

“I have ridden horses and seen a lot, and I love horses,” said her fiance.

“But it’s something I really, really wanted.”

They contacted the groom’s mom and her friend to get some horse information, and they said it was like they had found their perfect horse.

The groom said they started looking for horses on the Internet, and soon discovered that the groom is not the only one who rides horses.

“The horses we were looking were all in the same general area and had the same hair color,” said Margo.

“A lot of people told us they were just looking for people to ride for a ride, but I think there are a lot more horse lovers out there than people realize,” said Noreen.

“There are people who want to ride horse for fun and for the thrill of it, and a lot people just don’t realize it,” said Gail.

They started to have some fun with it and eventually had a horse on the wedding day, Kasez said.

“One of my favorite memories is that day,” Kases said.

The two said they have since added a horse rider for the wedding party, and will start working on a ceremony.