Anime Store opens to sell Sad Anime

A new anime store on the East Coast of the United States is slated to open this week, but it will be different from other anime shops that have been operating in the region.

The Anime Store, which opened in late March in the heart of Los Angeles, will be located on the same block of Wilshire Boulevard as a local cafe and other venues.

A sign above the entrance says the store will be a “fun, casual and friendly place where you can purchase a wide variety of anime merchandise.”

A representative for the store said that the store is an “ad-free, family-friendly, anime shop” that will feature an art exhibit and merchandise.

The shop is expected to open early next week and open in mid-May.

Anime stores in the US are increasingly becoming more accessible to younger customers.

In recent years, anime stores have increasingly become accessible to children, as parents are more comfortable showing their kids their wares online.

But while anime is still the primary target for young children in many places, the anime business is also becoming increasingly popular with parents who want to sell anime-themed products to their children.

“We have so many people who have grown up on a family computer and want to show their kids anime,” said Scott Smith, CEO of New York-based online retailer Geek Squad, which was founded in 2012.

“Now that there’s a more mainstream audience, kids have access to a wide range of content, and there’s also a big demand for anime.”

While there are currently over 5 million anime fans in the United Kingdom, Anime Store will be the first Japanese-based anime shop in the U.S.

The store is expected be open in June.