Anime Skateboarding: Anime-Style Video Games With Animate Characters

Video game enthusiasts have been waiting for a long time to get their hands on a console-quality anime-style video game, and it’s finally here.

Anime Skating: Anime Cosplay, an anime-themed gaming platform created by an artist named Eri Kitamura, is a game where players take on the roles of anime cosplayers as they compete in various anime-inspired skateboard races.

The game features over 120 characters from anime and manga and is available on iOS, Android, and Steam for $1.99.

The game is set to release on December 6th, 2017 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

The platform is based on a 3D anime character called Shuuichi from the Shōnen Jump anime franchise, which is a popular franchise for anime cosplay.

Kitamura created the game for his daughter to play, and he hopes to continue to make more anime-related games.

He told IGN in an interview that the anime-cosplay-focused game is not a game he wants to make a big deal about, but that it’s a good way for him to showcase his own work.

“There are some really cool anime characters in anime and there are some cool anime game characters in the same genre.

I wanted to make something that I could look at and see myself and my friends in the anime world and it was about making that happen in the game,” he said.”

It’s a fun thing that people have been asking for.

I think there’s a lot of fun to be had in this genre.”

For more information about the anime skateboarding game, check out the video below.