Animal Crossing: New Leaf – ANI: Anime Cats

The new Animal Crossing game is coming out on February 26th, and while there’s been some excitement in the news lately about the upcoming Animal Crossing spinoff title ANI, it appears there will be no ANI anime characters.

It seems that no ANIs will be featured in the game, which is a shame, because the anime characters are some of the most important characters in the franchise.

ANI is an anime series about an anthropomorphic cat who lives in New Leaf.

It’s the third game in the series and features the same main character, Moe, and her friend, Tasha.

However, this game has had the misfortune of featuring only ANI cats in it.

While the ANI series was initially released on 3DS, the series was subsequently remade on PC and Mac.

The developers at Nintendo have stated that ANI was originally supposed to be released on the Nintendo DS, but that wasn’t the case, and the company didn’t release the ANIs on Nintendo platforms for years.

There are currently two ANIs available for download on Nintendo’s online store: the ANi cat version of Animal Crossing (which has an ANI cat logo), and the ANTi cat version, which has a different ANI mascot logo.

The cat version is available on Nintendo eShop, while the AN Ti version is only available on

The ANi Cat version is one of the better-looking ANIs, featuring a different animation style.

The other ANI version has the same logo, but it’s a much more basic looking cat, with the same colors, a black background, and a green outline.

ANTi is a cat version that doesn’t have a different mascot logo, and has a much darker background and a dark blue border.

Both versions have an orange-and-black background.

While you can’t see them in the screenshots above, there’s a few ANI characters in ANTi, like a cat named Alba, who looks like a girl.

The main character of ANTi in this game is Alba.

It was revealed earlier this year that ANTi was originally meant to be a crossover game with Animal Crossing, but the development team decided to stop working on the game.

This makes ANTi a bit of a mystery, since the game is currently being developed by an independent team.

The game is also being developed under Nintendo’s Kyoto Studios IP, and was revealed that Kyoto Studios is working on ANI.

ANi: New Year’s Eve is slated to launch in Japan on February 25th, 2018, and will have an English release on March 2nd, 2018.

The Japanese release is slated for April 12th, while English players can access the game starting March 16th.

ANTICraft will also be available in Japan as a free download on April 25th.

The official Japanese ANTi Twitter account has a countdown clock, and you can watch the countdown clock at the top of this article.

The first ANI update has been released and it’s included in this week’s Animal Crossing 4 news.

In this update, you can now unlock ANI Cat characters, as well as a new avatar for ANTi: New Years Eve.

We’ve also got a new set of ANTICS that will be available for purchase in April.

ANTS are an NPC animal companions in Animal Crossing.

They’ll have an ANTI cat logo, a ANTI dog logo, ANTI bird logo, an ANT dog pet, and an ANTi pony pet.

The characters will be unlocked by playing the game and collecting the ANTS.

They’re also available for free on the ANTics’ official shop.

You can also unlock ANTI Cats by playing and collecting them in ANTI Cat Battles.

We recently had an ANCIATrime exclusive ANTi pet, named Momma.

The Animal Crossing series has always featured an array of ANI personalities and designs.

In Animal Crossing 3, ANI Cats were a staple of the series.

ANIs in Animal Superstar and Animal Supernova were some of my favorite animals in the Animal Crossing universe, and ANIs from Animal Crossing 1 and 2 made an appearance in Animal Clash and Animal Quest.

ANTI has always been a favorite pet in Animal World, and in Animal Village, it’s even a major part of the village mascot.

In addition, Animal Crossing has a long history of including ANI mascots and characters in its games.

The latest installment in the popular Animal Crossing franchise, Animal Revolution, has ANI as a major character.

It also introduced the ANTI Animal Crossing avatar.

ANA will return as a popular character in Animal Story: New Adventure, which will release on February 28th.

If you like ANI animals and want to see more of them in a game, you’ll want to check out ANA Animal Crossing on March 1st.

The following screenshots were taken with the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console.

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