Wolverine Animal Wallpapers – Cool Anime Wallpapers

I know you guys love the Wolverine animated series.

Thats not really a spoiler, but here are some awesome wallpapers for you to enjoy.

The first wallpapers are pretty basic, but they are very nice.

Theres also a few wallpapers that have been made to look like the X-Men.

The second is a more detailed wallpaper that is actually a wall poster of the original movie.

The third and last wallpapers I’d like to show you are more interesting and fun to watch.

I love wallpapers like these.

The wallpapers look really cute when you zoom in.

You can see the claws in them.

The Wolverine claws are actually a little different from the claws seen in the movies.

They are very long and pointed.

Theres also some fun stuff in this wallpaper.

The wallpapers will probably take you longer to finish than the actual movie because it is just so good looking.

The first and second wallpapers you will notice are from the first movie.

The third and fourth wallpapers have a nice detail on them.

These are the wallpapers from the third movie, and the fifth wallpapers.

This is a really cool wallpaper from a movie that wasnt in the first film.

It has a few things you wont find in the original.

The claws are longer, the claws are wider, and you dont see the Wolverine claws.

This one is really cool.

It shows how different Wolverine is from the other X-men.

The fourth wallpaper is from a different movie.

Its from the movie Wolverine: The Animated Series.

Its actually the most awesome wallpaper Ive ever seen.

Youll be amazed at how much different it is from any other wallpapers on the internet.

Here is the wall wallpaper you can see here.

You might not be able to see all of the claws, but thats cool because they are so small and not distracting.

It really makes the wall look really cool in real life.