Why the Japanese Anime Skateboard Is the Coolest Thing on the Planet

The Japanese skateboard is the coolest thing on the planet.

It is the world’s fastest skateboard, and it was designed by a Japanese engineer named Satoshi Yamaguchi in 1967.

Yamagaki’s first design was a two-wheeled skater called the Kiyomizu, but the wheels had to be smaller to make it practical.

A couple years later, Yamagichi and his partner, Hiroshi Kiyotake, designed the Kino, a two wheeled skateboard that was meant to be a three-wheeling machine.

The Kino is now a world-renowned brand, and its skateboards are the best-selling skateboard in Japan, making it the best selling skateboard brand in the world.

And, you know, it’s cool.

Yamamoto was the first person in the entire history of skateboarding to be awarded a patent on a design, so it’s a pretty big honor.

But when you take the skateboard out of the picture, it becomes really, really cool.

You have the wheels, the rails, the handlebars, and you have this giant frame with all these little wheels on top of it.

You can basically make this whole thing go faster.

And then, of course, you have the rails and the rails are so high that it’s kind of like a mountain bike.

So when you ride it, you’re not just riding it, but you’re really doing it.

The first person to ever ride the Kinos was Yoshihiro Mitsuishi, who was the legendary Japanese skater Yoshinori Nakajima.

Mitsuashi is the one who introduced the Kinshiki.

This was Nakajishi’s idea to have the skaters just go into the corner and run and be like, “Oh, I’m really good at this.”

The only problem is, there’s no corner to run into.

You run into the wall, and then you can’t do anything.

It’s kind to think that this is an invention of Mitsuaki, but then you realize that Nakajasaki actually invented it.

So the Kinks and the Kites and the Skateboards, and now the Kinesis and the skates are the coolest things ever.

And that’s what makes it cool.

But it’s really a product of Matsuo Kishimoto, who is an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur of the skate industry.

And he started doing this stuff because he wanted to be the first to make a skateboard.

So he built the first one, which was called the Skater, and the company was called Kishimax, or Kishimo.

He got the name because of his skateboarding, which he would do at night on his motorcycle.

So that’s where the company name comes from.

But the name is actually something else, because the company is called Kinesi, and when you think about it, it literally means “world of skates.”

So it’s an idea that was born out of a desire to have a world of skaters.

Now, when you see skateboards, they usually look like a bicycle.

They’re all made of metal and plastic and chrome, but they’re all powered by wheels, so you have a big handlebar.

And the Kink and the Shinshi are really fast, but their design is really unique.

They are a very high-tech product, because they’re meant to have wheels, and they are really wide.

You don’t need to use your hands to get off the edge of the platform.

So, of all the skateboards in the market, the Kinky, which is actually a skateboarding board, is the most famous one.

But then the Skink was really the first, and that was designed for the Olympics.

So this was the Skipper, the skateboarding version of the Kiki.

And this is the Kinemax.

And it was the one that was actually first to be introduced in the Olympic Games.

This is the Skitas.

It was designed so that the rider could go into a corner, get off a corner without losing control, and skate through the walls and the traffic.

So you’re basically in a really cool space, which makes it super cool, and also makes it really fast.

But, yeah, it looks like a skate board, but it actually looks like an old school bicycle.

And when you turn it around, it actually becomes a motorcycle.

And you’re able to ride really, very high and very fast.

So these are the Kikes, the high-speed Kikes that are actually designed to be super fast.

And if you have an older skateboard like the Kiski, it will run at a much slower speed than the Kike.

So what you’re doing is, you can get to a corner and then run out of control.

So we need a