When you think of Ketchup, it doesn’t conjure up anything but cats!

The Ketchup franchise was born in 1970 when a man named James Ketchup purchased a Ketchup plant in the state of Texas.

Ketchup grew and grew, but by the late ’70s, it was getting tired of its own life and wanted to get a new product.

A little-known marketing firm called Moms and Dads Inc. took over the Ketchup brand in 1985.

By the mid-’90s, the company was making Ketchups available in every state and the nation, and now Ketchup is a worldwide household name.

But what is Ketchup?

And how does it taste?

We asked a Ketchumologist, a food writer, and a Keter, the folks at Ketchup. Read More.