The new TV anime of cute anime girls from Japan has a new home

Updated June 25, 2018 15:10:33The new TV Anime of cute girls from the same studio as the popular anime series Love Live!

School Idol Festival is back on June 30 and the staff have started teasing the anime series in a new promotional video.

The video has a look at the staffs new anime, featuring an animated trailer.

A new song has been announced and it sounds like the girls are getting their first proper soundtrack for the anime.

The music is based on the original anime and will be released in June.

The anime is described as follows: “The girls who live in the new school district of Akiba, Shizuku and Yuuki.

They all have their own unique and cute charms.

But they also have a mysterious history.

And now the mystery surrounding their school begins.”

The new video features a look into the production of the show.

Shizuka, who has been in the studio since the anime was first announced, is wearing a school uniform.

The new song is a song by the group Girl’s Code.

It has been created by Akiba-kun (Lemony Snicket’s “The Notebook”), the production team behind the popular Girl’s Day franchise.