How to use emoji in Apple Watch app icon book

The Apple Watch has a lot of emoji, and now the app icon system is getting a new layer of customization.

Apple has launched a new app icon menu to the Watch app, giving developers more options to customize their apps for the watch.

The icon menu is a collection of icons that can be used to create and edit Apple Watch apps.

Users can add a few more options with the help of a custom font.

There are some obvious things you can do with these icons: Add new items, make changes to existing items, or create new ones.

You can even use your own custom icons.

Apple says that it has added “new icon themes” to help make the Watch icon book easier to use.

It also offers a few new options, including an option to include emoji in the icon list.

Apple is making the Watchicon app even easier to navigate, and has even made a few tweaks to the way it looks.

Users should be able to tap on the icons to see more information about the item.

You can also search for an item and add it to your Watch’s icon list by typing the item’s name or its emoji.

Apple isn’t giving up on the Watch’s design.

Apple has updated the Watch icons to look more like the iPhone’s, which means you’ll find more familiar icons like the Date, Time, and Clock icons.

Apple also said that the Watch will now use the WatchKit API to make it easier to customize your apps.