How to create your own anime hands and animations

I created this little hand with my friends, so I was able to make some animated cartoons with them. 

I started by creating an image of a cartoon animal and then made some hand-drawn animation with it. 

This way I could practice my drawing skills while playing with them!

I then started to make the animation with the hand and draw the animation using the other hand. 

When I finished the animation I would then paint the animation onto the animation.

After the animation was finished, I then had to paint the animated hand onto the animated animation. 

I then made the animations on a computer using a computer program and then sent them to my friends. 

After I received them, I used them to create some animated gifs.

When my friends saw the gifs they were surprised and said I was the most talented artist.

I said it was fun and I wanted to make more gifs like them.

My friends were also surprised because they usually make animated gif toasts and so they were happy that I made a gif to toast some of their favorite anime characters.

They also loved the animation of the gif I made! 

This gif is an animation of an anime character called Kurusu and its an animated gif. 

The other gif is the animation for a game called Sushi Panic. 

The game is about trying to beat a series of characters in a game and each character has a special attack and when they defeat them, they win a prize!

When I first saw this gif I thought that it was a bit funny but then I realized it was so cool to draw! 

I really like the animation and I thought, it would be fun to create my own animated gif animations and draw them on the hand!

My name is Jazmin Kim and I’m an illustrator, cartoon artist, and animator from Korea. 

 I’ve been doing cartoon art for over 7 years and have been drawing for about 10 years. 

When I was in elementary school I started drawing my own cartoons but I was only drawing one or two characters a year. 

As time went by, I realized that drawing more characters was becoming too hard and I would have to go back to drawing just one or three characters a day. 

So, when I was 14 years old I decided to start drawing my characters as I was afraid of drawing them all in one go. 

That was in 2006, but I had to draw my first animated gif in 2009 and I had a lot of success and lots of fans. 

Since then, I’ve worked on over 50 animated gif, animated gif cartoons, and animated gif video. 

My current project is the animated gif animation “The Big Bang Theory” and I am working on a new animation every month. 

In my free time, I like to work on drawing cartoons for fans, writing articles, or just doing what I like doing in life! 

My goal is to make animated GIF animations to keep people entertained and excited about my cartoons!