You don’t have to be an animal lover to cross the country for this

article article We’ve all heard of the Lucky Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer cross-country adventure.

But this week, the game developer behind the hit adventure revealed that it is also launching a cross-continental version of the game.

Lucky Animal has said that it will launch the cross-world version on December 12, and it is being offered for free on Steam and GOG.

The cross-region version will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Lucky has also said that there will be a Japanese release and that it intends to have the game available in Japan in the near future.

Lucky will also launch the game for free in North America.

In an interview with Gizmodo , Lucky Animal co-founder and creative director Paul Hilderbrand said that the cross border version of Lucky Animal was the first time the company had ever made a cross region version of a game.

He said that he and his co-creators “got tired of waiting” for the cross region to come out, and that they decided to take matters into our own hands to get Lucky Animal released across all of Europe.

The game was originally released in 2016 in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Hildersbrand said Lucky Animal had planned to make a cross area version of Happy Home for at least one more year, but the company “lost money” in 2016.

He added that the game will be released in a few months.

Hildebrand added that Lucky Animal is aiming for a release on November 11.

The company’s first cross-platform release of the title was Lucky Animal for the PlayStation 4 in 2016, which launched to great success.

The title has since sold over 1.3 million copies and earned the company more than $6 million in sales.

The release of Lucky animal is a major coup for Lucky Animal, which is looking to sell at least two million copies of the cross country version.

It’s not the first cross region title from the studio.

The studio has previously released cross region titles for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

In March 2018, the studio released Lucky Animal: Cross Country Adventures, which was a PlayStation 4 exclusive and sold over 2.2 million copies in its first day of sales.

In 2018, Lucky Animal published its first ever cross-genre title, Lucky Animals.

Lucky Animals was a platformer and also had a cross country side, but it was a single player title.

LuckyAnimals was the sequel to Lucky Animals that took place over two years in the future and featured an older protagonist named Charlie.

The story took place in a post-apocalyptic future where the world has been wiped out and a young boy named Lucky is left in charge of a town where the residents have turned into animals.